Ladies and gentlemen,

After a stressful day come in our massage salons for relaxation


          Welcome to Angel’s Touch Massage, the brand of massage salons in Bucharest, which depicts the ideal place for comfort and relaxation, where you can rejuvenate your mind and body ..

          When you step into our relaxing massage salons, you step into a world shrouded in heat, a wonderful environment.

          Our therapists, well trained and talented, will provide exceptional services to make your moments memorable.

          You can choose from a large variety of massage from which we enumerate: relaxing massage, Thai massage, Swedish massage, hot stone massage, bamboo massage, couples massage, lingam massage, jacuzzi massage, tantra massage, erotic massage.

          All types of massage can be customized to meet individual needs and desires of all our customers.

          Our services are addressed to both gentlemen and ladies as well.

          Our relaxing massage salons, offers you discretion, privacy, personal space and timelessness in order to treat your senses, to calm your body and revitalize the spirit.

          You will feel fine caresses of our masseuses, as stunning and seductive sensations.

          You will feel enveloped in mystery and sensuality and the printed memories will have the  outcome of a dream stories.

          In our massage salons you will feel pampered and refreshed!

          When we say massage, the first thought that comes into our mind is relaxation.

          This method implicitly brings our to our body a number of benefits:

reduces stress

relaxes you

brings improvements to posture

improves the circulation

lowers the blood pressure

boosts the immune system

promotes the functions of the nervous system

relieves pain and muscle tension

reduces depression and anxiety

stimulates the nervous system

increases muscle tone

stimulates the skin functions

improves the nervous system

relieves the symptoms related to stress and headaches

when done regularly, it helps to maintain your health and the functions of the immune system

supports the connective tissue and muscles to become stronger and healthier when doing simple joints movements

          It has a positive effect on diseases: arthritis, diabetes and headaches, migraines

          The massage is a form of communication in which your body responds to th erapists and the therapists will listen and try to offer him what he needs to heal.

          A massage session lasts 60 minutes, but it can be extended in case you wish.

          Be ready to communicate. Feel free to let therapists know if the pressure is too powerful or too slow, if there is a special area you want to focus more on, share to your chosen therapist your wishes: if the music is too loud, if it’s cold or any other things.

          Our therapists want you to feel as comfortable as possible, so you can completely relax.

          Calm your mind and chat during the massage – how you want it or other details.

          The ideal way to obtain the therapeutical benefit is when you are quiet and responsive, being able to enter in a easy state of meditation for calming the mind.

          With calm and perseverance you can enter the state of meditation – which also has beneficial effects on your condition.

A few tips:

          Close your eyes, release your mind of thoughts. Breathe easy, breathe deeply through your nose, try to hold your breath a few seconds and then exhale through your mouth … relax, de-stress facial muscles and easily half-open your mouth, set your rate of breathing.

          Focus your thoughts on the relaxation you feel when the masseuse executes specific movements of massage on your body, release the tension.

          Besides the therapeutical benefit of the meditation technique, you are offering the therapist the benefit of working better on your body.

          A relaxing massage session is effective when you are regulary using massage.

          If you feel that you are a voltage pack, nodes – think that you can not cancel all in a single session.

          A single session of relaxing massage is a relaxing experience, but for therapeutic benefits you must try a number of 2-3 sessions per week.

          We have three relaxing massage parlors, located in central areas of Bucharest, where we provide a total of 30 outlets (mattresses massage), where can simultaneously be performed relaxing massages, in the best conditions.

          We can provide you massage services and at your office, in your hotel room or directly in the comfort of your home.

          Geisha Garden: is inspired by the relaxing and purifying experience of Asian therapies. A visit to the Garden Geisha has healing properties in terms of stability, longevity, fertility, health, tranquility, peace and harmony.

          Our massage salon in Bucharest, located at Unirii area, has a total of seven rooms with a unique design, mystical, passionate, who simply disconnects you from everyday life.

          Oriental Spa invites you to get naked of inhibitions and enjoy the most professional Thai massage. The five rooms of our massage salon, located at Dacia-Mosilor area, have tiny and cozy rooms, whose design makes an incursion in Eastern past times.

          Happy massage in Bucharest is the paradise that will help you escape from the hustle and bustle of dusty Bucharest. The ten rooms of the salon, located in the park Cismigiu area, with a modern and minimalist design, are available for you to live the most sensory moments.

          Do not hesitate and call now for an appointment at one of our massage salons in Bucharest!