Bamboo Massage

          We invite you to try bamboo massage, a vigorous massage with stimulating and reactivating bio characteristics for the body, a massage technique ideal for both men and women.

          A  bamboo massage session lasts 60 minutes, during which the masseuse will apply the massage techniques with bamboo sticks all over your body, focusing on demand on specific areas of tyour body where pain or discomfort is present.

          The massage can be performed both on the massage table and on the mat, in both cases, with intense participation of the masseuse. You decide where you want the session to take place.

          What does practically mean a massage with bamboo?

          Bamboo massage is the ecological way of offering an unique and relaxing massage.

          Bamboo sticks are used as extension of our therapists fingers, palms and forearms. Bamboo sticks can be used while several massage techniques are being executed, including the swedish massage, deep-tissue massage and trigger point therapy.

          Bamboo has a series of multiple features: used in furniture, musical instruments, in Chinese cuisine, spiritual (in China bamboo symbolizes eternal youth, power, prosperity and peace). Bamboo retains heat well offering to therapists the opportunity to apply heat directly on the customer muscles.

          How bamboo massage instruments are made?

          Bamboo is actually a grass, is naturally hollow. The solids bamboo massage tools that we use in massage, are created by compressing several cross parts from the plant, which are then cut to size and polished to be ideal for massage.

          Bamboo sticks can warm slightly before being used, either by warming them and then wrap them in a towel or by heating in a heating device specially designed for such sticks.

          The heat has a beneficial role in relaxing the muscles and in the same time increasing the blood flow.

          What kind of sticks are used in bamboo massage?

          There are several sizes of bamboo sticks, each serving to massage a specific area of the body, thus we have:

  • short sized sticks, thin, round, are used for small areas of the body such as the face, the hands and the feet. Through the prism size they are used for trigger point therapy.
  • sticks of medium size, thin, round, are meant to be used to roll the smaller muscle groups. Basically you catch the stick on each end and knead and roll the smaller muscle groups. Also here, with these sticks, the trigger point therapy can be used.
  • semicircular bamboo sticks easily fit the palms, becoming an extension of the masseuse’s hands on the body of the client. The sticks are thicker this time, with flatter sides and rounded, and can be usedin for the painful muscle areas, such as the neck muscles.
  • long, thick, round bamboo sticks, are an extension of the forearm of the masseuse, allowing kneading and massaging the large muscle groups (back area),
  • bamboo sticks with average length and thickness are used to massage the medium muscle groups, helping awakening tired muscles (the arms, abdomen, legs).

          The bamboo massage technique  is by rotating and sliding, the wrist of the masseuse having an important role.

          Through rolling bamboo sticks massage are being eliminated micro and macro cellulite nodules and toxins and by using pressure and the movement therapy trigger, you will tone your muscles and you will relax.

          Ideal is to follow a number of 3-4 sessions per week, for a month for the results to not delay to appear and be visible. The effects of bamboo sticks massage will be felt since the first conducted sessions, which will surely boost to resort to this therapy whenever you find time to unwind and relax.

          The association of bamboo sticks massage with other types of massages is good, because it will create conducive environment to detoxify and improve blood circulation and lymphatic system.

          Customers with skin diseases, broken blood vessels, will not benefit from this massage with bamboo sticks, since is contraindicated in this case.

General effects of bamboo massage:

  • it tones the muscles
  • restores skin elasticity
  • It stimulates and improves blood circulation and lymphatic system
  • combats cellulite
  • banishes fatigue
  • shapes the body harmoniously.
  • In case our explanations were helpful we dearly wait for you in one of our locations to try the bamboo sticks massage.

          In case our explanations were helpful, we’re welcome in one of our locations to try massage with bamboo sticks.