Lingam massage

          Lingam is a Sanskrit term used for the male sexual organ.

          In Tantra, especially in Kama Tantra, is considered sacred, like the entire body. Lingam is seen and honored with respect, as a ‘wand of light’.

          Lingam is a place of sexual energy.

          Tantra massage can take two forms: Tantric, which means no stimulation of the sexual organs, meaning Lingam / prostate massage or tantric kama form, which includes the stimulation of lingam / prostate ..

          Lingam massage provides men the opportunity to learn, to practice and to experience their receiving side of their being.

          The first part of lingam massage is a relaxing massage, a body massage that prepares the man for what will follow. Lingam massage ending is represented even by massaging the “lingam” itslef, the penis.

          Lingam massage means foreplay, means to increase the pleasure, it means to learn to feel good, without needing a sexual act.

          A lingam massage goal is to create an environment in which man receives pleasure, the orgasm not beeing the purpose of lingam massage, but often it comes as an effect, that for man feels good.

          Men can learn the art of ejaculation control, the key here beeing deep breathing.

          If men learn this art, of controling the ejaculation, in the future this control will allow you to make love as long as you wish and you can have multiple orgasms, without losing any sperm.

          Orgasm and ejaculation are two things that you can learn to separate- the result will be in having a very expanded sex life.

How a Lingam massage is done:

  • First thing-  again right ambience, again candles and again a background music – ambient music tantra, warm room.
  • During the session, both masseuse and you will be naked, so your masseuse during the meeting and will be nude, in this way beeing possible an exchange of sexual energy between you and the masseuse.
  • In the first part, lie the man down, with his face up – so he can watch and admire you. A pillow is placed under your head so you can sit more comfortably. Will take a pillow and place it also under the back.
  • Then we will work at arranging the perfect position for you, in order to provide this type of massage. Your feet will be as relaxed as possible, knees will be lightly be folded, genital orgasms will be exposed. Now, the masseuse will also be able to admire you.
  • Massage will start with line moves, using her hands to touch your whole body – will begin to walk along your legs, climbing towards the thighs, abdomen, chest … until will reach the base of your neck. She wil lhelp herself by using also her body…you will feel along your entire body the breats of the chosen masseuse.
  • Our masseuse will teach you how to breathe deeply so that together you will abandon to the path of pleasure.
  • Her hands will be warm when you she will put the oil on your body. Do not worry,  the amount of oil will be right, will not make excess.
  • Will focus on massaging the Lingam and your testicles… will gently massage them, taking care not to create any discomfort. The way that puts pressure and the speed of movements performed by your masseuse, will be determined by you.
  • Will easilly massage the scrotum, than go back to the Lingam area, on pubic bone. It will be not overlooked the perineum area,  area located between the anus and testicles.
  • There are several massage techniques of LINGAM – only by coming in our salon and having a massage, you will discover how these techniques are.
  • In Tetra (sacred sexuality) there are many nerve endings at LINGAM level, that correspond to other parts of the body. Many ailments and diseases can be cured by a good Lingam massage.
  • For massage to be effective the masseuse will use both hands.
  • Lingam massage goes on symmetry and synchronization – otherwise, throughout the enire massage, you will feel the masseuse on your body with both her body and hands.
  • When you will be close to orgasm – masseuse will delay the time to boost your pleasure – for indulging again and teach you how to control ejaculation.
  • With training and more lingam massage sessions you will become 3X(times) man and we guarantee that your sex life will be more intense and more fulfilling.

Lingam massage benefits:

This massage helps in treating the premature ejaculation

rebalances blood circulation

increases fertility

detoxifies the body

relaxes muscles and strengthen them

banishes stress

enhances the activity of all organs, including the ones of heart.