Office massage

          Massage at the office/ Office massage, a service already established abroad, is now practically possible also in Romania. Office massage is a benefit that you can enjoy even during work hours.

          Companies are able to do so, that their employees feel the benefits of massage, even at their office.

          Office massage is a service that addresses to employees working  for hours in corporations and the employer who wants his employee to have an increased performance gives its support and motivation for this office massage service.

          Thus firms/companies from Romania now have the opportunity to sign contracts with the specialized company that offers massage services, with the following benefits: lower cost of paying a package of massages, and for the employee, release of muscle tension and playing wellness, also increased performance and productivity.

          The employer may end a contract with our massage salon, choosing the option office massage, by paying some office massage cards, prepaid cards, ment to be used by the employees who during their breaks, wish a well deserved massage session, in their own office.

          Our qualified masseused are specially trained to offer this type of massage.

          Each massage sessions last for one  hour, it can be achieved during employees’ break, offering to him/her the needed relaxation.

There are two office massage methods:

  1. massage directly on clothes   
  • without using oils or massage creams- it will be done a head massage, a neck massage and a back massage.
  1.    massage directly on skin – using special massage oils, massage creams or    talcum powder.

          No space is required for performing a massage office – the massage is performed right on your chair – but if requested, the massage can be executed on a special massage bed which is brought by our therapist.

Head Massage:

          Head Massage: in this type of massage we meet massage maneuvers of the neck, head and face.

          Our masseuses will apply different pressures at the temples, face and even the hair, stimulating the circulation in the areas in which it operates.

          Head massage is a treatment for improving employees’ concentration, also stimulating his/her circulation at the head and face level.

          Among the benefits of head massage we enumerate a few: gives a feeling of physical and psychological comfort, relieves migraines and headaches, lubricates dry scalp stimulating the secretion of sebum,  increases the flow of blood and lymph, relieves states of insomnia, attenuating feelings of stress and anxiety, improves the eyesight, restores vital energy circulation.

Back massage

          Back massage is the type of massage indicated to persons who have back pains caused by incorrect positions that they take in the office every day.

          For back massage will be executed movements for relief, long and slow sliding maneuvers, which will start from the the sacral area and go all over the lumbar and thoracic area.

          Movements of acupressure and heating of the back area are meant to relax the strained and tense areas.

          Among the benefits of back massage we enumerate a few: muscles will be realived from tension and discomfort, it will ensure a good blood and lymphatic flow, eliminate toxins from the body, the person will feel more energized.

Office massage sessions

  • have the effect of releasing tension and relaxing the tired muscles
  • energizes and motivates employees, in the same time, motivating them
  • the performance of the employee who are receiving these massages will be better, as well as productivity.
  • the employee perception regarding the workplace will improve, in the same time, making that employee more loyal
  • an office massage reduces the adverse effects associated with repetitive daily tasks performed in office, on chair, in uncomfortable positions and often incorrect.
  • by offering this service, the employer shows to the employee that he/she cares about his work

          For more details regarding the office massage: +4 0728.343.343