Relaxation massage

          We invite you to relax! Close your eyes! The scent of essential oils and the ambient music will envelop you. The approach that provides our masseuses is a sensitive, professional one. You will feel how every move will lead you to a state of total relaxation. The massage offered by our therapists will help you feel more relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to start a new day with a smile on your face!

          Our locations are specifically designed to disconnect you from the stress of everyday life.

          Our masseuses are specially trained and qualified to offer you professional services.

          Relaxation massage is a gentle massage that uses the good circulation of muscle and blood vessels to help you relax.           The therapeutical massage will be done at slower rhythm and a slighter pressure will be used. In a relaxing massage, there is less emphasis on the development of chronic muscle tension that underlies adhesions or “nodes” and muscle restrictions in the muscle tissue. That’s because deep tissue work can be uncomfortable, and during a relaxing massage, you just want to chase away the stress and feel better.

          Duiring a relaxing massage session, the masseuse will not push your limits, in order to obtain the release of muscles. Pay attentionl!!! Do not fall asleep! This type of massage is the right choice for anyone who wants a special treatment. You will enter in a deepl relaxed state of beeing, that for an hour!

          In the following/next we will present some of the stages of a relaxing massage session:

  1. We ensure that you benefit from all the comfort needed to perform a relaxing massage sessions in optimal conditions. Massage mattress is covered with a soft towel, the room is decorated in a style that steals you from everyday life, we ensure that in the massage room there is an adequate heat. We ensure that the light is right, not too strong, put soft, relaxing music, not too loud, just to be heard in the background, which contributes to the calm and relaxing atmosphere that we want to offere you.
  2. The combination of oils chosen for the massage session, makes more enjoyable our attempt of inducing relaxation in your body and mind.
  3. We ensure that our masseuses will provide you the best massage techniques.
  • It will begin with massaging the feet, more precisely massaging the soles (representing the mirror of your body), by wrapping around your leg both hands of your masseuse, using fingers to apply pressure. Special attention will be given to each leg separately, because in this area more tension tends to accumulate. When the toes  will be reached, will be taken each finger separately, and will be draged, this will release any form of tension.
  • when the soles massage ends,  will move to foot massage, the back of the leg. Will be used movements of smoothing and kneading, masseuse will be moving away up to the thigh. The massage will begin with long movements in order to warm and stimulate the tissue. The movements are always in the direction of the heart. After massaging each leg, the masseusee will cover it with a towel (to keep warm) and then will move on to the other foot.
  • will move on to thighs and buttocks massage, circular, easy movements will be used here for warming the muscles.
  • the hands of the massuese will glide along your back, along the spine, in parallel with the column or on sides. It will basically push the lymph. Following steps: slipping from the sacred bone to the neck direction, parallel with the column, followed by sides slidings, performed simultaneously, circular friction from neck to shoulders and then sideways ribs. At the end you will feel how your skin is smoothen and 3, the final executed vibrations figure will represent your removal from the trance state of beeing, in which you were led by the masseuse.

          After completing a relaxing massage sessions, you will be amazed how many things will be transforming into better in your body, the effects beeing remarkable.

          Relaxation massage has a number of beneficial effects on the body, so we enumerate some of them:

cardiocirculator unit operation will improve

          It will stimulate the memory, attention, concentration and power of your work

will considerably improve efficiency at work

respiratory system will function better

fatigue will disappear and your sleep will be better

will reduce muscle fatigue, letting you feel relaxed

your body will become more elastic and be able to move more easily

will improve the functioning of internal organs

          Besides all the above mentioned, psychological effects are visible, such as the state of relaxation and comfort

          We expect you in our relaxing massage salons in Bucharest to enjoy different types of massage sessions, which can relieve you from many problems, many future expenses and that can give a very special tone, giving you the energy to continue your everyday activity and ordinary life in the best conditions.