Swedish massage

          Swedish massage is the most common and best known type of massage in the West.

          If it is the first time when you come in our relaxing massage salon in Bucharest and do not know this field so well, Swedish massage is the best massage to start a new adventure.

          Swedish massage and other types of massage therapy are done by our qualified and carefully trained masseuses.

          Swedish massage underlies other types of massage, sports massage, deep-tissue massage and aromatherapy massage. Swedish massage is based on Western concepts of anatomy and physiology, unlike Asian concepts that are based on  meridians points of energy or Sen channels.

          A Swedish massage can be slow and gentle or vigorous and ignited, according to the masseuse’s personal style and what she is trying to achieve or simply according to your wishes.

          If you wish to give proof of effectiveness at your work place and to be able to easily tolerate the stress of everyday life, to be exempted from chronic muscle pain, we are waiting for you for a Swedish massage session at our massage salons in Bucharest.

          What happens during a session of Swedish massage?

          In all Swedish massage sessions the masseuse lubricates the skin with special massage oil and performs smoothing movements. These moves are designed to heat the muscle tissue, releasing tension in this way.

          Before a Swedish massage, the masseuse will ask you a few questions regarding any pain or other things that she shall know before starting the massage, and also find out from you your preferences for how the massage session shall proceed – with slight pressure or firmer one.

          The most important factor, nudity!

          During a Swedish massage for you to enjoy a more casual state you will be nude.

          The masseuse discoveres your body and helps with tips for an enjoyable massage.Usually start by stretching your face down so the spine remains in a neutral position. The onset of a Swedish massage session is done by massaging the back, using various techniques: smoothing, kneading, friction, stretching and tapping.

          After all the back area has been massaged, the masseuse will start working with the back of each leg. When she finished with the back, the masseuse will turn you face up and will start massaging each leg, both arms, your neck and shoulders.

          Each masseuse has her own style and special techniques. If you only have 60 minutes available, you can also ask the masseuse to spend more time on a particular area (insisting more on the area). If you feel the pressure is too light or too strong, talk to masseuse and ask her to adapt to your pleasure (Swedish massage usually includes some areas with muscle tension where you have to insist deeper to have amazing results).

          What does this massage do? It all depends on the type of massage that you ask and how well you can communicate with the chosen masseuse. It is important to have some knowledge regarding these two aspects of massage, so you can enjoy an amazing experience.

          You, our client, are the one who has control over how much pressure to apply and how you want the lady to perform the massage.

          Swedish massage is a base massage, which is perfect for beginners or for those who are concerned about a quality massage. The main objectives of Swedish massage is to relax the body, but also oxygenate the blood, because this Swedish massage helps lymphatic system, eliminate toxins from the body, improves circulation, tones muscles and increases flexibility.

          Deep-tissue massage is similar to Swedish, but you can expect more pressure and greater emphasis on releasing the tense muscles.

Basic Swedish massage techniques:

  1. Smoothing:

          The most fundamental technique of a Swedish massage is smoothing, sliding hands on your body where slight pressure is applied.

          These smoothing may occur over large areas such as the back, arms, legs, chest or small areas, such as the intimate area, hands, neck, face.

          Swedish massage usually begins and ends with mild, slow and soothing smoothing. Thus the body gets used to be touched, deep smoothing providing more pressure which stretches itself on the length of muscle. Is a good massage tehnique for warming up the muscles.

          The masseuse will start with a smooth easy body massage and then, as the body becomes more relaxed and more prepared, will continue with a strong massage to release the tense muscles.

  1. Kneading:

          Kneading massage is another technique commonly used, when the masseuse raises the muscle between the thumb and the remaining fingers. It is generally rhythmic, first with one hand and then with the other hand, in tandem.

          This can be done on curved big muscles like thigh muscles, the upper arms, shoulders and buttocks muscles.

  1. Friction:

          Pressure directed by circular movements. It can go along the muscle fibers, tendons or ligaments or go over muscles.

          This is the part of massage that feels so good and so relaxing, becoming a feature for deeply massage.

  1. Stretching is when the masseuse uses her body in different positions and by using it, she “stretches” you. This is very commonly used in Asian massage styles (Thai). It can be used in deep Swedish massage but is not so common.
  2. Percussion:

          Those types of movements are fast – the classical example would be “ chopping” with hands ( called hacking) – you could see in an old movie.           This massage technique is a beneficial stimulant for the body. Other percussion massage techniques are tapping with the fingertips, with the flat of the hand, and with closed fists applying pressure on the large muscles such as the thigh.This could be fun to experiment.