Tantra couple massage

          We are often looking for interesting experiences, the company of another person, a third person which often adds pleasure in a couple relationship.

          Couple Massage is a great way to tie your relationship, to win again the  sexual harmony that you had at the beginning. Love does not have to fade, in a couple there must be communication.

          If lack of communication appeared, passion quenched or routine simply appeared, fights are more frequent  and sexual activity is much lower than at the beginning, it is time to change this.

          We offer you this type of therapy- sexual therapy – couple tantra therapy couple massage therapy.

          The element of surprise – consist is visiting to a massage session offering erotic services for couples.

          What can happen? What can change?

          Well, we use the following argument:

          We take two premises: a couple, a he and a she – initially there is physical attraction between them – sexual desire appears, and secondly- the couple, he and she, are starting to get to know eachother- feelings are born – love occures.

          When loving, our brain is set in several directions: a set of emotions that leads to attachment, a set leading to romance and a set that leads to sex.

          What we are following is to set again the brain of the  couples who visit us, on the sets of emotions listed above.

          This would have the following effect: the resulted emotions will lead again to an increased heartbeat rate, will increase the five senses, the euphoria and happiness.

          Couple fights occur because each of the partners want more from the other, because too high expectations often lead to disappointment. An amount of disappointments exceeding the sum of expectations, leads to the breakup of the couple.

          The couple, love, relationship initially arises from physical sexual attraction. This is where we interfere – we find the ideal formula to bring salt and pepper into the couple’s relationship.

          In everyday life, things are complicated and many couples are quite busy to find time for themselves or for their relationship.

          Trying couple massage within our salons, other persons that will make you make the difference between what have attracted you and and unknown, will interfere. This unknown will help the couple to reconnect, to enjoy again activities together, to bring their minds on the same platform as it was at the beginning of the relationship.

          The chosen masseuses will be your suport in order to recreate the connnection, and with the help of massage, these ladies will release and stimulate the state of beeing hormones.

          With the help of massage, you are given a new way of exploring and a sexual revitalization – at both emotionally and mentally levels, so for couples, these feelings which are born during the massage, will be focused toward each other and thus the affection between them will be higher, after having a couple massage.

          Couple massage can induce nervousness to one of the partners – but this must not  happen because the in massage couple, both partners are involved and they come in order to relieve tension, not to create tension.

          Jealousy, when a couple comes a couple massage therapy, has no place.

          When you come to a massage couple, each partner must learn to have control over his emotions, must disconnect and have a clear and opened mind in order to be able to fully enjoy the moments will live in the salon.

          Couple Massage is a massage that is done simultaneously – our masseuses are professional.

          The actual tantric massage for couples is represented by the Lingam massage and Yoni massage (massage of the genitals).

          Between the two partners of the couple will be created a deeper bond of love and unconditional acceptance.

          You will find out that this type of massage strengthens relationships and it also offers total pleasure.

          More details about these types of massage can be found separately at the description massages.

          Benefits of couple massage – available for both partners:

helps you reach the state of ecstasy and happiness

creates connection in the couple

helps you live orgasmic experiences

helps at yourrelaxation

enhances pleasure

increases the spiritual level

develops the potential for love

harmonizes energies.