Thai massage

          We invite you to detach your body from everyday stress by trying a classic Thai massage, which you can find now in Bucharest within our massage salons.

          Our rooms, specifically designed with special mattresses for massage, feng shui ambiance, traditional music, aromatic oils, qualified masseuses, all these in order to create a favorable environment for your relaxation.

          For those who have never tried Thai massage, we will make a description of this massage, with millennial tradition for deep relaxation of your mind and body.

          Thai massage is the massage done very thoroughly, which begins with the feet (it is known that in the soles are the energy points) and climb up, then the thighs, back, neck, hands, fingers and ends with the head, scalp massage is very important, as in this area are many nerve endings.

          As a full body massage for restoration and revival, this miraculos treatment helps calming different aches by stretching the muscles through gentle and rhythmic manipulation.

          Maybe you will feel this massage slightly painful, because during the session are used sprinkles and taps, cracked of all wrists, but please do not worry, at the end of the session we guarantee that you will feel right, you will have a right and healthy position.

          Thai massage is a therapy borrowed from yoga, in which joints and muscles are easily manipulated, for a full body workout.

          This type of massage is recommended for those who want to enjoy a unique experience, and who also want to get rid of muscle tension. Thai massage is efiecient for people who practice sport or for those who have a static job.

          Thai massage, depicts a holistic therapy that restores the physical  and energetical balance and facilitates the release of deep tensions accumulated throughout the day.

          During a Thai massage session the masseuse wil use her thumbs, palms, forearms, elbows, feet, knees and even shins to apply a pleasant pressure and relax the body.

          Thais believe that through massage occures the pain release from the unimpeded flow of vital energies, through the body tissues.

          The main ” channel ” for distributing these energies is called “Sen”, and those who know something of Chinese medicine quickly recognize that during the massage, the masseuse works effectively along the Qi meridians of the body.

          The key word for this type of massage is pressing, which is the process used to stimulate the Sen energy flow, and leads to the release of bottlenecks or problematical points that are causing pain. The massage is done in a thorough manner..

          Each Sen channel is pressed repeatedly, following all directions, the masseuse helping herself by using members and trunk, the movements being constantly changing.

The effects of Thai massage:

          Thais have recognized for a long time that most joint pain and lack of mobility is the result of muscle atrophy under the influence of deprivation of motion.

          Basically the most used Thai massage techniques prepare the muscles to be stretched, by increasing the permeability of Sen energies flow while the movements used will help muscles to stretch a bit more than would be possible, without the help of masseuse therapist.

          Muscles are in a direct link with the brain, the muscle tension and spasms represent a vicious circle of events involving muscles and sensory organs.

          The more tense the muscle area, the pain becomes unbearable, and the brain reads this as a contraction, thus inhibiting the function of muscles, thus inhibiting the function of muscles leads to stagnation and pain, as a result.

          Performed regularly, the Thai massage stretches your muscles on their normal resting length, and this will lead to spoiling the brain and stopping the muscle contractions.  The final result – tension will disappear and joint mobility will be restored.

          The muscles are the target of the masseuse, who also treats the fibrous connective tissue and poor circulation.

          You probably ask yourself how is a Thai massage?

          Well, unlike other types of massage – finesse, rhythm and flow are the first three words that come to mind to describe this type of massage.

          The massage is not done in a hurry, there are no risks or sudden changes of pace and speed.

          In this type of massage, each technique merges with the other; this will result in a perfect choreography of movements and techniques used by some of our masseuses very well trained and that are qualified in this type of massage.

          Each customer who tried thai massage reacts differently, but certainly if you will try this type of massage, you will be pleasantly surprised by the degree of stretching of the body, comprised of rigidity.

          This way you will get to feel relaxed, refreshed and you will show more flexibility. This brings the guarantee that you will return to be able to enjoy again this marvelous massage.

          There are many benefits of thai massage, with one amendment – the massage must be done by a qualified masseuse, taught inThai massage techniques.

          With this occasion we mention that not all our ladies from our massage salons  know this technique and we recommend to ask the lady receptionist which of the masseuses is specialized in Thai massage.

          Thai massage applied regularly relieves the muscle pain, headaches, also sciatica pains area.

          Thai massage restores the balance and flow of the Sen without interfering with other obstacles, for a better vital health.

          This type of massage can also correct emotionalproblems, not just physical ones.