Hot stones / lavastones massage

          The masseuses of our massage salons can offer you the chance of trying a hot stone massage session in one of our locations in Bucharest.

          We guarantee the professionalism of ladies offering exceptional sensory experiences, the service quality and the ingredients used for this type of massage. The ingredients are 100% natural: volcanic stones, flavors and specific massage oils.

          The massage with volcanic stones represents a natural therapy (therapy geothermal), which will release the tension, increase blood circulation and improves metabolism.

          This service promotes deep muscle relaxation by placing smooth stones heated with water on key points of the body. our maseuses incorporating also a personalized massage, using the professional massage stones which offers enhanced benefits.

          The direct heat of the stones relaxes the muscles, allowing the masseuse during the massage,  to reach the deepest muscle layers.  The heat of the stones warms the skin which brings a plus for the absorption of oils that were used during the massage.

          By combining hot stone massage with a full body massage, you are giving your body an indescribable experience that brings also healing. The stones are chosen depending on the size and shape of each body part. Hot stones massage makes blood vessels to dilate, encouraging the flow of blood to circulate better throughout the body.

          This type of massage improves blood circulation, lymph circulation, cellular metabolism, helping in the detoxification of the body.

          Hot stones also have a sedative effect, thus eliminating insomnia from your life. These stones have a calming effect that reduces stress, relieves pain and muscle spasms, anxiety, back problems, circulatory problems, taking you to a state of deep relaxation.

          This type of massage combines the benefits of thermotherapy with massage, using stones to create the state of relaxation and treatment.

          The stones that are used are usually river stones or rocks with a very smooth basalt surface. It depends of your preferences: there are basaltic rocks, volcanic rocks or river stones.

          Geothermal therapy or hot stone massage is based on oriental discipline, according to which there are seven energy points called chakras, located along the central chanel of the body – the vital energy centers that are linked to specific organs of the body. From the chakra points, the energy is distributed throughout the entire body by numerous energy channels that cross the body.

          Before starting the session, the masseuse will prepare the massage stones, warming them at an optimal temperature of 50 degrees.

          When the session begins the masseuse will lie you with your face down, and the massage stones will be oiled with oil massage and they will be applied on your body.

          Some stones are placed on the body in the 7 key points of the body, which are energy points called “chakra”. In the Oriental culture it is believed that the 7 “chakra” points correspond to vital organs, the effect of stimulating them, being the state of wellbeing throughout the body, the other remaining stones are used for a rhythmic massage that offers relaxation.

          In Asian tradition there are seven chakras or energy points that are on the midline of the body:  Muladhara (located at the base of the spine, the area between the anus and sex), Swadhisthana (located above the sexual organs), Anahata (in the middle of the chest, heart), Vishuddha (the projection area in the physical body, neck area), Ajna (the projection area in the physical body, the space between the eyebrows and it is called the “third eye” or Eye of Shiva), and Sahasrara (the projection area in the physically body, area above the head).

          The large volcanic stones will be applied in the lower back, along the spine.

          The oblong medium size stones will be applied in the cervical area, feet and legs.

          Small stones serve the area of extremities, in order tostimulate the peripheral circulation. During the session it is possible to feel some tingling – do not worry – it is the relaxation sesation felt by the body.

          The volcanic stone massage can be performed on both back and face.

The benefits of hot/ volcanic stone massage:

  • elimination of toxins from the body,
  • restoring the energy balance,
  • increasing the ability of collagen fibers to stretch,
  • reduction or even disappearance of joint problems,
  • has the effect of energizing and stimulation,
  • increases blood circulation and lowers blood pressure,
  • increases body temperature,
  • accelerates breathing,
  • accelerates oxygen uptake at the cellular level and metabolic rate,
  • stimulating the nervous system.

          There are contraindications to treatment with hot stones:

– people with peripheral circulation problems, diabetes, hypertension, neuropathy and any other condition that involves loss of sensation, including post-operative stage, recent injuries to the skin or accidents that affected nerves are banned this type of massage,

– in case of diseases and disorders of the heart is banned,

– people who do chemotherapy or radiotherapy have banned this type of massage,

– people with burns, psoriasis, skin cancer, dermatitis, eczema, acne, inflamed skin or sores, herpes or any skin condition, are also forbidden.

          If you’re interested in trying massage with volcanic stones, do not hesitate to contact us to get a deeper relaxation than that offered by the traditional massage.

          We are waiting for you dearfully!