Yoni massage

          Yoni is the Sanskrit word to define vagina, loosely translated ‘sacred space’ ‘or’ ‘sacred temple’ ‘.

          In Tantra, the Yoni is treated from a perspective of love and respect. Men learn in this way the importance relationship with a woman.

          In Yoni massage it is very important to create a space propitious to the moment, so that the woman who is the receiver, will be able to completely relax, to enter easlily in arousal, in the state of pleasure of her yoni.

          Our masseuse will be able to experience the joy of giving pleasure. She will also be the witness of a special massage with intense feelings.

          Yoni massage is an excellent activity to build trust and intimacy. With a Yoni massage, women can overcome past sexual traumas.

          Yoni massage purpose is not represented only by the desire to reach the orgasm, but the orgasm becomes a pleasant side effect and also welcome.

          Ladies and misses who will try Yoni massage, all they have to do is just to relax, just to feel the pleasure of the vagina massage.

          How is a Yoni massage:

          Ladies or misses will be invited to sit on the mat, a pillow will be placed under their head, so they can look down, to the vagina. Will also place a pollow, just below the buttocks, feet will be wide apart, knees slightly bent, and she will be ready then, exposed for starting the massage session.

          This is the perfect position for this type of massage, with full access to yoni and other parts of the body.

          The massage mult begin with relaxation, through breathing exercises.

          It will start by gently massaging the legs, the feet, climbing towards the thighs, buttocks, then up towards the abdomen, breasts … all to encourage you to relax and to prepare also the yoni.

          When the masseuse will feel like you are relaxed and that you feel your body light, welcoming, will pour a small amount of oil and grease (this according to your wishes) in the vagina. It will then begin to play easily along the outer lips, using circular motions.

          Will get to the clitoris and will add extra cuteness in executing the movements.

          You will discover with the help of masseuse’s movements that, applying some pressure on the pubic bone or caressing in a special way the edges corresponding to the roots of the clitoris, sensations will be unique and pleasure will be enhanced.

          The clitoris is an amazing structure, similar in function with the penis gland, but surprisingly the clitoris is four times more sensitive.           The part of the clitoris contains between 6,000 and 8,000 sensory nerve endings, which is more than any other structure in the body.

          The sole purpose: pleasure.

          Nothing surpasses the ability to receive and transmit sensations.

          Movements will be rhythmical … there will be a direct visual contact between you and masseuse – by visual, you will be transmitting them, pleasure. You will relax and fully enjoy the massage!

          You, as the receiver, must tell to the masseuse, in what way you like, what pressure you want her to apply, how speed movement shall be, depth, etc.

          Attention, when it comes to depth, is better to slowly and carefully introduce in yoni, the middle finger of the right hand – there is an explanation for this: unlike the left hand it is beeing used the right hand, because his right hand has to do with tantra polarity.  The interior of the vegina is carefully, gently explored, up and sideways.

          We repeat: acoording to your preferences, the depth, speed and pressure varies. It is important to remember that this is a massage where the primary purpose is the relaxation.

          With palm facing up and the middle finger inside the Yoni, the masseuse will direct the middle finger back and forth.

          Most women should not have any problem if instead of a finger in a moment there would be two fingers – even the pleasure could increase.

          The masseuse, using her thumb of the right hand, will play with your clitoris.

          You can choose same if you want to limit your conversations or if you want to adopt a more extravagant language.

          When you will reache the orgasm, the masseuse will slightly withdraw her fingers and will let you relax and continue to enjoy this experience.

          There is also the choice, that immediately after climax, the stimulation will  continue to reach a new climax. Whatever the case, we guarantee that you will think of this experience for the next days.

          Yoni massage will make a contribution to your sexual life and you will learn a lot about female sexuality.